Working Time Solutions’ WORKSuite® is powerful and intuitive workforce planning software. 

The shift pattern design function uses a unique algorithm to generate shift patterns and rosters that match the precise requirements of your organisation.

This enables fully optimised shift patterns to be created which improve productivity and support shift worker wellbeing.

Our software allows you to quickly create shift patterns which accurately align labour demand and supply.

An intuitive, interactive interface helps you to visualise the impact of shift changes and easily identify any over or under provision.

The power of this function also allows you to easily experiment with variants whilst staying within the parameters dictated by your demand data and Working Time regulations. 

You can find out more about our Shift Pattern Design software below.

Our software can:This tool enables you to:

  • Automatically calculate optimal shift patterns to cover your organisation’s demand profile
  • Design custom patterns based on demand variables and a range of pre-defined criteria
  • Factor in volatility and exceptions (e.g. events, shut down, holidays etc.)
  • Create innovative, flexible shift patterns that are both realistic and appealing to employees
  • Generate calendars which illustrate a sequence of shift patterns over time

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