Working Time Solutions’ myTIME is a self-service software module that empowers employees to make changes to their shift patterns and rosters without increasing your administrative burden.

It gives shift workers visibility over their Working Time and allows individuals within a team to book holidays or change and swap their shifts.

This can be done safe in the knowledge the changes fall within the parameters dictated by your demand data, their contracted hours and wider regulatory requirements.

Employees can securely login to myTIME online to check shift patterns, overtime, time banks and holiday availability.

The intuitive interface allows them to easily request holidays and shift swaps and to track these requests through real-time updates and notifications. 

You can find out more about our Self-Service software below.

MyTime enables you to:

  • Ensure Working Time adjustments are made in an accurate and transparent way 
  • Control access with tailored authorisation levels for managers, supervisors and employees
  • Develop custom ‘rules’ that ensure cover is maintained and skills are adequately matched
  • Reduce error rates by ensuring authorised changes automatically update the central database
  • Keep an accurate record/audit trail of all holidays, banked hours, overtime and absence 
  • Plan work schedules in proactive and structured way

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