Our WORKSuite® software has comprehensive roster management and scheduling features that allow you to stay in complete control of your organisation’s Working Time.

Developed to support individuals with the responsibility for shift pattern and roster management, it provides a range of easy to use, day-to-day administration and tactical planning tools.

The software provides the level of control and accuracy needed to ensure optimised shift patterns and rosters continue to deliver productivity and efficiency gains long into the future. 

You can find out more about our Roster Management software below.

Easy administration 

The roster management function in our WORKSuite® software simplifies the processes and tasks associated with shift workers.

This makes workforce planning and management more efficient and responsive to your organisation’s needs.

It was designed by Working Time Solutions' industry experts to be easy to use.

Fully customisable, the software is capable of supporting the most dynamic of working environments.

WORKSuite® allows you to:

  • Access all the data needed to make key decisions relating to Working Time
  • Assess labour rotas and monitor variations as they arise
  • Automatically supply payroll with the information needed to calculate pay
  • Examine the cover delivered and reschedule resources if appropriate 
  • Record details including reserve and bank hours, overtime, sickness or other absence
  • Check real time adherence to working hours including clocking in/out and breaks
  • Remove duplication and inefficient processes relating to handling exceptions such as holidays and shift swaps
  • Gain instant visibility over compliance with Working Time Regulations and see which employees are most at risk of breach 

Workforce visibility 

The roster management function in WORKSuite® gives you instant access to real-time information about your labour supply.

Our software draws on various data sources to provide essential management information that supports decision making.

It is an essential tool in both improving productivity and maintaining compliance.

WORKSuite® provides: 

  • A master calendar giving managers/supervisors an immediate understanding of employees’ status and availability
  • Live roster information providing a detailed and accurate picture of cover - helping pinpoint potential staff shortages before they arise
  • The ability to assign teams with the right combination of skills and a search function which allows the best sources of cover to be identified
  • Real-time modelling capabilities to compare and contrast multiple roster patterns

Single database

A central secure database of accurate working time data is provided within the roster management function of WORKSuite®

This enables you to:

  • Collect data from various sources and overlay with HR/ERP systems
  • Keep full, accurate records for each employee
  • Easily generate working time reports and statistics at all levels

  • Check, maintain and prove compliance with Working Time legislation 

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