WORK Suite® is a powerful and intuitive set of workforce planning and management tools. 

From demand modelling and long-term strategic shift pattern design to day-to-day roster will find our specialist software is far more powerful than any Time & Attendance system or Enterprise Resource Planning module.

Other software helps manage your current ways of working.  WORK Suite® will help you make a step change in efficiency and productivity and to maintain those gains long into the future.

Working Time Solutions is capable of deploying its software either in the cloud or at fixed-sites and we have the technical capabilities to ensure it can be integrated effectively with existing systems.

Use this page to explore the capabilities of WORK Suite®.


Workforce planning and management software - Shift pattern designShift pattern design 

Create custom shift patterns to improve productivity and employee wellbeing

Quickly design shift patterns that accurately account for variations in labour demand and supply

Fully optimise shift patterns whilst staying aligned to demand data and Working Time regulations

Workforce planning and management software - Roster managementRoster Management 

  • Day-to-day tools that simplifies administration and tactical planning for shift workers 
  • A single secure database of accurate Working Time data
  • Instant access to real-time information about your labour supply 


Workforce planning and management software - Self serviceSelf-service 

  • Empower employees to change shift patterns and rosters without increasing administration
  • Enable individuals within a team to swap shifts and book holidays
  • Ensure adjustments to Working Time are accurate and transparent


ERP/T&A Integration

Our software is designed to work seamlessly with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Time & Attendance (T&A) or HR reporting systems. 

It's powerful middleware that can unlock value in your systems by providing advanced shift pattern design, roster management and self-service functionality.


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