Use our cloud-based shift planning and workforce management software to optimise shift work.

The product of nearly 30 years' experience, WORKSuite® features powerful tools spanning shift pattern design, rostering, employee scheduling, Time and Attendance, working time regulations compliance and workforce analytics.

Forget the headache of using multiple spreadsheets and systems with limited shift work capabilities.

Our workforce management software provides a single, secure database of all shift work information that integrates seamlessly with other finance, HR and Time and Attendance systems, feeding them accurate data in real time.

Explore the functions and benefits of WORKSuite®

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Design optimised shift patterns that support productivity & employee wellbeing


  • Cover graph provides visibility over labour demand & supply

  • Powerful algorithm finds optimal shifts based on your needs

  • Automated design creates multiple shift patterns in seconds

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Gain immediate visibility & control over all aspects of rostering & employee scheduling


  • Intelligent search to quickly identify, check & assign employees

  • Integrated database can store & recall infinite shift patterns or rosters

  • Scheduling tools to easily & accurately update staff rotas

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Quick, easy & accurate workforce management software:


  • Easy configuration to meet your specific needs

  • Automated processes to efficiently manage time & attendance, absence management, annual leave & shift swaps

  • Real time data and built-in checks to flag gaps, clashes & inconsistencies

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Empower your workforce with myTIME self-service:


  • Enable employees to check annual leave availability, request time off & organise shift swaps

  • Communicate decisions & changes efficiently & effectively

  • Secure & accessible from employee’s own devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop)

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Maintain compliance with Working Time Regulations & other legislation or policies


  • Automatic generation of compliance warnings

  • Fail-safe mechanisms to stop potential breaches

  • A single, secure database of all working time information

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Make decisions based on live, accurate working time data


  • APIs seamlessly feed HR, T&A, Payroll & ERP systems with accurate data

  • Interactive dashboards provide instant access to key information, custom reports & statistics

  • Powerful analytics tools support workforce strategy & planning

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  • Shift Pattern Design
  • Rota Scheduling
  • Time & Absence Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Compliance Checks
  • Integration & Analytics

Shift pattern design software

Shift Pattern Design

WORKSuite® features unique shift pattern design tools that aren’t available in other shift planning and workforce management software or apps: 

  • Harness our powerful algorithm to calculate your organisation's optimal shift patterns.   
  • Design custom shift patterns based on demand variables & custom-defined preferences.
  • Quickly identify gaps, compliance issues, fatigue risk or other concerns.
  • Visualise the impact of shift changes using an interactive interface.
  • Accurately factor in volatility & exceptions (e.g. events, holidays).
  • Generate calendars which illustrate a sequence of shift patterns over time.
  • Use unlimited shift lengths & durations to build seasonal or standby/call-in patterns and incorporate rest/meal breaks.
  • Execute ‘what if’ scenario modelling & easily experiment to find optimised solution.

Working Time Solutions Shift Pattern Design Software

Use the shift pattern design tools in WORKSuite® to create innovative, flexible shift patterns that improve productivity and appeal to employees. 

The visual, interactive shift planning software can also be used to engage you a tool to co-design shift patterns that balance the needs of your organisation and its shift workers.

The capabilities of our technology can be further enhanced through a specialist shift pattern design consultancy service that will help you devise and implement optimal solutions.

You can learn more about Shift Pattern Design here.

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Rota scheduling software for shift workers

Rota Scheduling

WORKSuite® executes day-to-day rostering and employee scheduling tasks easily, consistently and accurately in the cloud:

  • Access live roster & rota information to quickly gain a detailed & accurate picture of cover, overtime, TOIL, flex and reserve.
  • Use intelligent search to identify the best source of cover & assign teams with the right combination of skills to specific roster lines (multiple skill profiles, primary skill markers etc).
  • Harness real-time modelling to compare multiple roster patterns & re-optimise employee schedules in line with demand & labour supply.
  • Assess rosters and rotas, monitor variations, examine cover delivered & pinpoint potential staff shortages before they arise.
  • Give managers /supervisors an immediate understanding of employees’ status & availability through the master calendar.
  • Store /recall an infinite number of different shift lengths, patterns, rosters and rotas from the integrated database.
Working Time Solutions Rota Scheduling software for shift workers
The comprehensive rostering and employee scheduling tools in WORKSuite® provide immediate visibility and control over key aspects of shift planning and workforce management.
Those responsible for day-to-day rostering, employee scheduling, administration and tactical planning will find it automates many time-consuming and frustrating processes and ensures shift work is responsive to change.

You can learn more about Rota Scheduling here

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Holiday and absence management software for shift workers

Time & Absence Management

WORKSuite® workforce management software makes handling time and attendance exceptions quick, easy and accurate:

  • Comprehensive automation of time & attendance data collection & conversion of worked hours for payroll.
  • Automated processing of working time records & generation of attendance exceptions from across all devices & locations.
  • Keep full records for each employee by recording all hours & exceptions to their planned shift pattern and rota. 
  • Track balances in real time (holiday accounts, hours worked, overtime, sickness, training, skill expiry and more), set thresholds & trigger alerts / reminders.
  • Rely on the system to support decision making by flagging gaps, clashes, inconsistencies, issues & by generating insightful reports (e.g. Bradford Factor).
  • Easily customise the software to meet your organisation’s specific time & absence requirements, rules & processes. 

Track time and attendance, holidays, rotas, overtime sickness
WORKSuite®'s streamlined annual leave and absence management workflow replaces the duplication and inefficient recording processes associated with maintaining spreadsheets or multiple workforce management software apps.

The transparency and control it gives you means you can monitor variations, assess cover, check balances and confidently reschedule shift work in real time.

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Employee-self-service software for shift workers

Employee Self-Service

WORKSuite® myTIME app enables employees to make changes to their shift patterns, rosters and rotas through their own devices (mobile, tablet, desktop):

  • Give employees visibility over shift patterns, overtime, time banks & annual leave availability.
  • Enable individuals within a team to request annual leave or overtime/additional hours & to swap their shifts through shift bidding.
  • Communicate changes, notifications & updates to individuals or groups in real time via SMS, email or intranets / internal social networks.
  • Set parameters to ensure rostering changes are compliant & maintain adequate cover (demand data, contracted hours, wider regulatory requirements etc).
  • Automated workflow makes checking & authorisation simple, quick & accurate.

  • Tailor what requests employees can submit, data they can view & actions they can take. Set permission levels for managers, supervisors & employees.

  • Rely on the system to maintain accurate, up-to-the-minute working time records by automatically updating the central database with authorised changes.

Self service shift swaps, holiday booking and scheduling

The myTIME employee self-service app in WORKSuite® reduces the administrative burden of managing shift work and empowers colleagues to co-manage their shift patterns and rotas via the cloud. 

The secure, intuitive interface is optimised for mobile devices. This key app within our workforce management software provides your shift workers with a level of control that supports engagement, whilst also maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your data for payroll and compliance with the working time directive.

You can learn more about Employee Self-Service here.

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Working time compliance software for shift workers

Compliance checks

WORKSuite® is specialist workforce management software that helps mitigate shift work risk and maintain compliance with working time regulations and other legislation or policies:

  • Gain instant visibility over compliance & identify employees at risk of breach.
  • Risks are flagged automatically & actions can be blocked if they may result in a breach.
  • Quickly produce a comprehensive digital audit trail when required.
  • Check real time adherence, including clocking in /out & breaks.
  • Configurable to incorporate custom best practice & compliance (sector-specific standards).
  • Maintain a single, secure, GDPR-compliant database of all working time information.

Working Time Solutions compliance checks for for shift patterns, rotas and scheduling

The comprehensive compliance tools in WORKSuite® ensure you can check, maintain and improve compliance with the working time directive and other regulations.

Its warnings and fail-safe checks will help you support employee wellbeing and avoid punitive fines or reputational damage.

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Working time analytics for shift patterns, rotas and scheduling

Integration & Analytics

WORKSuite® has powerful integration and HR analytics data functions to support decision making and other workforce management software or systems: 

  • Real-time access & analysis of all key working time data.
  • Customise interactive dashboards to instantly view the workforce analytics you need.
  • Use APIs to seamlessly feed HR, T&A, Payroll & ERP systems with accurate, live working time data.
  • Easily generate working time reports & statistics at all levels (organisation-wide…right down to individuals), over any time period & for specific types of variance.
  • Harness accurate, detailed records for each employee stored in the personnel database.
  • Overlay data with HR / ERP systems to create comprehensive HR analytics.   
  • Track key metrics (e.g. holidays taken and/or remaining, training, overtime, absence, reserve hours, time off in lieu) & use to inform workforce strategy, planning & management decisions.

Shift pattern, scheduling, workforce planning and management analytics and data

The integration, analytics and reporting tools in WORKSuite® ensure that essential management information can be harnessed quickly and easily via the cloud.

Use its insights to ensure your decisions relating to shift work optimisation, rostering and employee wellbeing are based on the intelligent analysis of accurate, current data.

You can learn more about ERP and Time and Attendance integration here.

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Working time solutions shift pattern and rota software usability and support

Configuration, Implementation & Cloud

WORKSuite® is flexible shift planning and workforce management software that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. It is easily configured, quickly implemented and uses API technology to seamlessly integrate with other operational systems. 

Cloud deployment removes the need for servers, software installation, infrastructure maintenance and significant up-front costs. Risk is reduced, costs are managed, and you’ll see benefits sooner:

  • Easily tailored to organisation-specific work rules, internal policies etc.
  • Avoid costly errors by automatically supplying payroll with accurate, up-to-the-minute information.
  • Feed accurate working time information via API to your existing payroll, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Time and Attendance (T&A) or HR reporting systems.
  • Can be tailored to suit low complexity environments as well as the most demanding & dynamic organisations (multi-user, multi-site, multi-territory etc).

WORKSuite® helps unlock the value of your investment in other systems by providing advanced shift planning, workforce management, rostering, employee scheduling and working time regulations compliance capabilities via the cloud. 

It harnesses modern, proven technologies to ensure it can be configured, implemented and integrated quickly…so you can get on with optimising shift work.

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Secure cloud software for shift pattern design, rota management and workforce planning


WORKSuite® features class-leading security to minimise data-related compliance and security risks:

  • A Security Control Protocol based on best practice methodologies & international standards.
  • Extensive Access Control System with encrypted storage of passwords & role-based access restrictions controlled by administrators.
  • Additional layer of login security through Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • All hosting services are ISO 27001: 2013 certified & use a co-location service to provide high availability. 
  • Custom retention, access and alert policies and produce full audit trails.

Working Time Solutions secure software for shift pattern design, rota management and scheduling accreditations

You can do away with insecure and inconsistent spreadsheets or paper trails as WORKSuite® provides a single, secure database of all working time.

Rely on our software’s sophisticated technical and physical controls to maintain security and prevent unauthorised access to sensitive workforce information.

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Working Time Solutions software usability and support

Usability & Support

WORKSuite® is flexible and powerful but has a simple to use interface and is supported by a team of technical and subject matter experts:

  • Get up & running quickly with simple, remote configuration requirements.
  • Use the software on desktop & mobile devices, anywhere in the world, any time of the day.
  • 24/7/365 access to class-leading support & persistent monitoring to guarantee service uptime & service patch levels.
  • Managers, resource / shift planners & staff benefit from an intuitive, streamlined interface that is simple, logical & delivers great user experience.
  • Tailor apps, tools & functions to your requirements & add more as and when you need them. 
You will always be on the latest & best version as WORKSuite® automatically upgrades via the cloud.

Naturally you will also benefit from an ongoing development programme that’s shaped by customers and our own consultants, who bring a wealth of insight across key sectors.

This ensures we regularly introduce powerful and highly valuable new functionality, so you can continuously improve how you plan, manage and monitor shift work.

You can learn more about our services and consultancy here.

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