We will help you take the optimal approach to making changes to Working Time.

This is a highly specialist area of workforce planning and management and an essential element of the Lean-ER® process. 

Our project management skills and experience will ensure you get it right first time.

Preventing the process from becoming complex and sensitive will ensure the productivity and employee wellbeing gains are generated quickly.

From developing custom Demand-Led Rostering solutions to engaging the workforce around change, we will work alongside you to ensure your organisation and employees reap the benefits of fully optimised shift patterns.

You can find out more about the Implementation services we offer below.

Our consultants can help you:

  • Map the quantitative and qualitative benefits of implementing changes to Working Time
  • Create optimal shift patterns which are aligned to demand and that appeal to employees
  • Adopt a structured implementation based on best practice project management techniques used to support complex organisational change
  • Integrate powerful software solutions to design and manage shift patterns and rosters within existing ERP/T&A systems 
  • Reduce risk around implementing change 

Employee Engagement

Our consultants are highly experienced in ensuring employees are fully engaged in the workforce planning and management process. 

Shift workers who understand the organisational need for Working Time change and the impact it will have on them personally, can play a pivotal role in arriving at the best solution.

Our WORK Suite® software and services enable employees and unions to engage in the shift planning, scheduling and management process in a transparent, collaborative manner.

To support employee engagement, we can help you to:

  • Articulate the need for change using demand planning data and analysis
  • Demonstrate employee-centric best practice to unions
  • Involve the workforce in the shift pattern design process using visual and interactive software tools
  • Communicate effectively throughout the change process using staff surveys, working groups, educational sessions, working parties and focus groups
  • Promote transparency and fairness in design and evidence positive impact on stable pay, job protection and creation, work-life balance and health and wellbeing

Providing clarity and engaging employees during a workforce optimisation project promotes understanding of the drivers and process behind Working Time change.

We will help you to create cultural conditions that support the initial change and encourage continuous improvement, strengthening your organisations’ ability to quickly respond to new challenges and opportunities.


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