Demand planning is a key area of workforce planning and management.

Creating an accurate demand model allows you to forecast precise labour requirements and factor in variations from seasonal peaks to hour-by-hour changes.

This enables you to design and manage shift patterns and rosters which maximise productivity and efficiency.

Our comprehensive demand planning service will help you to understand the challenges you face and the best route to implementing Lean-ER ® processes and approaches such as Demand-led Rostering and Annualised Hours. 

You can find out more about the Demand Planning services we offer below.

We can help:

  • Source and overlay demand data from across your organisation
  • Undertake process mapping and activity sampling
  • Map variability and volatility through the day, week, month, season and year
  • Analyse key metrics such as overtime usage, absence rates and labour cost data
  • Identify demand and throughput requirements

Through this we can demonstrate how the Working Time issues you face relate to the imbalance between labour supply and demand.

Fully understanding your demand profile is the first step to ensuring your shift planning, scheduling and management is based on real data and understanding.


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