Working Time Solutions will help you to continuously build on the benefits created by our approach to shift planning, scheduling and management. 

An agile and responsive approach to workforce planning and management will ensure shift patterns and rotas remain optimised and constantly aligned to changing demand and employee needs.

Our Lean-ER® process will help you embed a 'change-ready' mind-set and use partnership and knowledge transfer to encourage ongoing flexibility in the workplace. 

You can find out more about the Continuous Improvement services we offer below.

We can provide:

  • Training to build the skills and understanding in-house to maintain productivity
  • Regular monitoring, reviews and fine-tuning of systems to ensure optimal results
  • Helplines to support with consultancy, training or technical enquiries
  • Tailored system updates with new powerful planning and management tools
  • Regular compliance and best practice ‘health checks’ to ensure your organisation is not at risk

Our goal is to put you in a strong position to anticipate and react quickly to change.

We can help you to remain lean and responsive, two traits that are at the heart of long-term success.


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