Our expert consultants can help you find the most efficient, effective and engaged way to manage shift work.

For nearly 30 years, Working Time Solutions’ subject matter expertise has helped create highly productive shift patterns for organisations of all sizes and sectors. 

Our team has extensive experience in shift planning and workforce management, including demand planning, shift pattern design, rostering, union engagement and employee communications.

This specialist knowledge and consultancy is the foundation for a range of services.

So, whether it’s training around employee scheduling best practice, or implementing Annualised Hours and Demand-Led Rostering systems, our experts can provide you with professional, dependable support.

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Labour Demand Planning consultancy and services

Labour Demand Planning

Our expert consultants will help you maximise productivity and efficiency by creating an accurate demand model and a forecast of precise staffing requirements: 

  • Source & overlay demand data from across your organisation, including undertaking process mapping & activity sampling.   
  • Map variability & volatility 24/7/365 to build an accurate picture of demand through the day, week, month, season & year.
  • Use as a platform to design & implement fully optimised shift patterns.
  • Analyse overtime, absence & labour cost data to identify & overcome challenges or issues.
  • Model demand, cover & throughput requirements, factoring in variations from seasonal peaks to hour-by-hour changes.
Our comprehensive labour demand planning service and consultancy will help you to understand the challenges you face and the best route to simplifying complex patterns or pay rules.

It is the best starting point for shift planning and can be used as the basis to implement new workforce management models such as Demand-led Rostering and Annualised Hours.

You can learn more about demand planning here.

Shift pattern design consultancy and services

Shift Pattern Design

Our specialist consultants will help you find the best solution by appraising different shift pattern options, experimenting with variants using WORKSuite® design tools and understanding their potential impact:

  • Design shift patterns that resolve issues identified as harming productivity or shift worker wellbeing.
  • Harness WORKSuite®’s interactive tools in a working party environment to co-design shift patterns with employees & ensure their preferences are reflected.
  • Model potential scenarios & create a bank of patterns designed to maintain productivity, efficiency & compliance.
  • Create custom patterns that are differentiated from the competition & well suited to different employee demographics.
  • Combine the service with WORKSuite®’s shift pattern design tools to create innovative, flexible shift patterns that meet your specific requirements.
Shift pattern design consultancy and services for shift working organisaitons
You can use our shift pattern design service and consultancy to access deep shift planning and workforce management subject matter expertise, knowledge and shift work experience.

Our team have the know-how to design shift patterns that effectively balance the needs of organisations (productivity and efficiency) with employees (health and work-life balance).

Employee Engagement & Communications consultancy and services to help change shift patterns

Employee Engagement & Communications

Our expert consultants will help ensure your employees and unions are fully engaged in the shift planning and workforce management process and that shift patterns reflect their needs or preferences:  

  • Use demand data & analysis to evidence the need for change & the positive impact on stable pay, job protection/creation, work-life balance, health & wellbeing.   
  • Collaborate with employees to ensure their insight & preferences are considered & that you create appealing patterns that support recruitment & retention.
  • Create comprehensive communication & engagement strategies that effectively support the shift pattern design & implementation process. 
  • Achieve transparency & fairness in design by using WORKSuite®’s visual & interactive design tools to directly involve the workforce in the shift pattern design process. 
  • Reduce the time taken to change shift patterns by ensuring solutions are optimised for both the organisation & its employees.
Employee Engagement & Communications consultancy and services to help design shift patterns
Our employee engagement and communications services and consultancy enables employees and unions to engage in the shift planning, rostering and employee scheduling process in a transparent, collaborative manner.

We’ll help ensure your colleagues understand the need to change shift patterns and that they can play a central role in arriving at the best solution.

Implementation and project management for changing shift patterns

Implementation & Project Management

Our specialist consultants will help you take the optimal approach to changing shift patterns…making sure you get it right first time:

  • Adopt a structured implementation based on best practice project management techniques.
  • Secure organisation-wide buy-in for the project by evidencing the quantitative & qualitative benefits of changing shift patterns.

  • Reduce risk around shift pattern implementation & see the benefits of new approaches to shift planning & workforce management realised quicker.
Implementation and project management consultancy for changing shift patterns
Our team of consultants is qualified in project management and highly experienced in helping employers implement new shift planning processes and workforce management approaches.

Let them help you find the best way to optimise shift work.

You can learn more about implementation here.

Working time , shift patterns, rota and scheduling Data Analysis & Insight services

Data Analysis & Insight

Our expert consultants will ensure your shift patterns, rosters and rotas remain optimised and aligned to changing demand and employee needs:

  • Establish regular monitoring, reviews & fine-tuning of shift planning & workforce management systems to anticipate & respond to change   
  • Regular compliance & best practice ‘health checks’ to keep up with changing regulations, policies & standards.
  • Sharing shift work best practice through comprehensive training courses suitable for all levels of management.
  • Helpline support for consultancy, training or technical enquiries.  
Working time, shift patterns, rota and scheduling Data Analysis & Insight services
Our data analysis and insight services will ensure you maintain fully optimised shift patternsand continuously improve your approach to planning, management and monitoring shift work.

Through knowledge transfer, we’ll help you build the skills, understanding and capabilities in-house to maintain productivity and shift worker wellbeing over the long-term.

You can learn more about continuous improvement here.

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