Our approach to shift planning, rostering and workforce management ensures utility companies and their suppliers can control labour costs, whilst still hitting customer service targets and remaining 100% compliant with working time regulations.

Few industries face the intense and sustained level of scrutiny that those operating in utilities find themselves under.

Some organisations are operating legacy shift patterns that are fixed and don't reflect the 24/7 nature and hour-by-hour fluctuations in service demand typical across the sector.

With increased regulation and competition, there is an urgent need for utility companies to boost productivity and efficiency by optimising their shift patterns, rosters and rotas.

Download our free e-book 'Demanding times: Transforming shift work in utilities' to see how the effective planning, management and monitoring of shift work can be the key to overcoming many central challenges faced by the utility sector.

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Workforce planning and management for utilitiesWorkforce planning and management for utilities

Working Time Solutions supports a wide range of utility companies and contractors in the water, gas, and electricity industries.

We help clients to understand the shift work issues behind customer service performance levels, improving demand planning and developing optimised inter-department shift patterns, rosters and rotas that align labour supply and demand.

We have introduced new shift work approaches that ensure utility companies are in the best position to improve customer service, make significant efficiency gains, support employee work-life balance and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Our shift planning, rostering, employee scheduling and workforce management software and services will help you:

- Maintain or improve customer service performance -

Ensure that you have the people available to meet customer demand when it’s needed.

- Align labour demand & supply -

Ensure that your workforce can be flexed at times of high demand and that quieter periods do not lead to wasteful over staffing.

- Minimise absence & risk -

Ensure your employees are not overworked during seasonal peaks and that shift patterns support their health, safety and morale.

- Reduce & control labour costs -

Transition away from inefficient ‘traditional’ office hours to flexible and highly efficient shift patterns, rosters and rotas that reduce overtime and contractor costs.

- Monitor & maintain compliance -

Gain visibility on when and how long your employees are working and lock-in full compliance with the working time directive to maintain best practice and avoid regulator fines.

- Improve resilience -

Create accurate scenario plans that enable you to flex up your workforce at short notice so that major unplanned events such as bad weather can be managed effectively.

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We've worked with a wide range of customers in utilities, including:

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