Cost effective Software & Services for SMEs

As an SME, we know how important it is to maximise your resources.

It's why we've created new shift work planning and management packages designed specifically for businesses with up to 250 employees.

Shift Pattern Design

Shift Pattern Design Service

Work with our experts to design new shift patterns that are efficient, compliant and appealing to employees.

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Cloud Workforce Management

Workforce Management Software

Access our industry-leading cloud software WORKSuite®. It's Software as a Service (SaaS) so it's quick to set up, easy to use and cost effective. 

Prices start at £4.50 per user, per month (with no upfront implementation charges).

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Cloud Workforce Management Software for SMEs

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Designing compliant and optimised shift patterns, rosters and scheduling for drivers

Changing shift patterns to meet demand was a vital but complex requirement for our business. 

"Nigel from WTS quickly arrived at a set of options which balance specific operational requirements with employee preferences and helped us understand different pay models for our seasonal patterns.

“WTS’ shift pattern design software and implementation support has been invaluable, ensuring we got the process right first time.”

Catherine McHugh, Managing Director of Car Park Services Ltd

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Shift Pattern Design

Shift Pattern Design Service

Shift pattern design consultancy services for SMEs

Design the best shift patterns for your business.

Using a blend of specialist insight, deep industry experience and powerful shift pattern design software, we'll help you:

  • Generate significant cost savings by reducing overtime and agency use
  • Create custom shift patterns that match your demand
  • Support employee well-being and pattern preferences
  • Ensure your shift patterns are compliant and risk is minimised
  • Increase flexibility and extend operating windows
  • Implement and maintain shift working best practice 

We've created consultancy packages specifically for SMEs, providing cost effective access to our experts. To find out more... 

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Cloud Workforce Management Software

Cloud Workforce Management Software

Cloud workforce management software for shift patterns, scheduling, rotas and rosters

It can be a frustrating, time-consuming and risky process scheduling employees using spreadsheets.

Our WORKSuite® software is the product of over 25 years' experience helping businesses improve productivity, increase flexibility and support employee well-being.

  • Control labour costs and optimise resources using forward planning
  • Save time with automated workflows and interactive dashboards
  • Replace manual processes and ensure accurate time and payroll reporting
  • Cost effective and easy to use for managers and employees

  • Configured and implemented quickly and remotely

  • Regular free updates and a highly responsive customer support centre

All the tools you need to schedule and manage shift work

Workforce planning


Demand & Cover Analysis


Shift pattern design and workforce planning

Workforce Management



Absence Management 

Employee Self-Service

Workforce management and employee self service software for shift patterns rotas and rosters

Workforce Analytics


Compliance Checking  

Time & Attendance

Workforce planning and management analytics for shift patterns rotas and rosters

Prices for our workforce management software start at £4.50 per user, per month (with no upfront implementation charges).

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Cloud Workforce Management Software for SMEs

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Health Assured Shift Pattern Design & Workforce Management

“It is essential that this service runs as effectively and efficiently as possible and Working Time Solutions has been pivotal in making this happen. The team was incredibly professional and knowledgeable and came up with a set of workable solutions very quickly.

“Now, we have the technology in-house to run this autonomously on a day-to-day basis, but with the back-up of support from Working Time Solutions should we need it. For me, this is the perfect solution.”

John Dunn, Counselling and Advice Team Manager at Health Assured


Our Shift Pattern Design Service and Workforce Management Software is proven to generate strong ROI.

Workforce Management Productivity & Efficiency

Productivity & Efficiency

- Ensure cover matches demand

- Reduce costs by minimising the use of overtime and agency

- Drastically reduce rota management admin and errors

Workforce Management Employee Relations & Engagement

Employee Relations & Engagement

- Support health, well-being and work-life balance

- Offer appealing, flexible patterns for diverse demographics

- Give employees more control over their working time

Workforce Management Compliance & Best Practice

Compliance & Best Practice

- Avoid punitive fines and reputational issues

- Increase flexibility and respond quickly to volatility

- Use accurate data to inform decisions

Use our ROI calculator to work out what benefits you can generate by using our Shift Pattern Design Service and Workforce Management Software.

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Shift Pattern planning, rostering and scheduling software and consultancy for security

“Working Time Solutions were invaluable through every step of the process. The team were consistently detailed, reliable, helpful and professional. We would be happy to recommend their services to any company considering changing shift patterns.”

Catherine Bourke, HR Manager at York Minster

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Secure a free, hour-long session with our experts to discuss your shift working challenges and potential solutions

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