Our approach to shift planning, rostering, employee scheduling and workforce management helps organisations achieve efficiencies whilst meeting rising demand for services.

This is especially relevant in the healthcare, education and public sectors where there have been regular reductions in funding whilst demand on services continues to increase.

Inefficient institutionalised shift work practices often ‘fix’ labour supply at a constant number of hours, which often bears little relation to the service demand peaks and troughs departments experience over any given timeframe.

This inflexibility can lead to spiralling temporary labour costs which poses a risk to both jobs and service quality. By aligning shift patterns, rosters and rotas with customer demand, we ensure staff can handle increased workloads without relying on overtime and the risks associated with long hours working and fatigue. 

G-Cloud G-Cloud

We are proud to be a recognised supplier under the G-Cloud framework agreement. This ensures our cloud-based shift planning, rostering and workforce management software supports the Public Sector under a framework that is compliant and regularly refreshed with up-to-date innovative solutions.

Bloom Procurement Services Pannone Corporate

Working Time Solutions are a Bloom Procurement Services accredited supplier. Bloom specialise in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers to help the public sector buy and manage professional services better.

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Workforce planning and management for public sector, health & education Workforce planning and management for public sector, health & education

Our shift planning, rostering and workforce management software improves transparency, ensuring overtime, banked/reserve hours and shift swaps are managed fairly, effectively and consistently and that both rosters and actual hours worked are compliant with working time regulations.

We also work closely with employees and unions to create flexible shift patterns, rosters and rotas that, not only increase productivity, but reduce overworking and create a good work-life balance for employees.

Our shift planning, rostering, employee scheduling and workforce management software and services will help you:

- Maximise resources - 

Create shift patterns, rosters and rotas that lock-in key compliance and performance metrics such as working time regulations, ratios, targets and utilisation of capital assets.

- Protect service quality -

Create flexible shift work that is capable of managing increased pressure on the system without a deterioration in service levels, even when the unexpected occurs.

- Adapt to change -

Develop a sustainable resourcing solution that provides the flexibility needed to adapt to significant developments such as changes in public policy or moves towards a 24/7 service.

- Create efficiencies & protect jobs -

Use accurate demand planning to design shift patterns, rosters and rotas which optimise hour-to-hour staffing levels of full-time employees, eliminating under or over-provision and reducing the need for expensive temporary labour.

- Support recruitment & retention -

Increase the appeal of roles by minimising unpredictability around days off, tackle overworking, ensuring a fair distribution of shift pattern types and providing the flexibility needed to meet changing personal situations.

Demo WORKSuite®    Speak to a consultant

ROI Calculator

We work with a wide range of public sector, health and education customers, including:

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