Working Time Solutions’ approach to workforce planning and management helps organisations with a mobile workforce to design shift patterns and rosters that respond to fluctuating demand.

Creating a fully optimised field service workforce ensures that organisations can achieve the highest levels of customer service without over-staffing whilst minimising the use of overtime and external contractors.

We work with a wide range of organisations with mobile workers to create optimised shift patterns that overcome efficiency challenges in their operation.

By aligning shift patterns with customer demand, we ensure your field service workforce can handle increased workloads within their contracted hours.

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Workforce planning and management for fieldforce organisations Workforce planning and management for fieldforce organisations

Our technology improves transparency, ensuring overtime, banked/reserve hours and shift swaps are managed fairly, effectively and consistently and that both rosters and actual hours worked are compliant with Working Time regulations.

We also work closely with employees and unions to create flexible shift patterns that, not only increase productivity, but reduce overworking and create a good work-life balance for mobile workers or field engineers.

Our shift planning, scheduling and roster management tools will help you:  

- Improve margin -

Design shift patterns and rosters for your employees that effectively cover variability in demand, minimise underutilisation and reduce unnecessary use of expensive labour.

- Guarantee adequate cover -

Create accurate demand models that incorporate complex requirements and factors such as 24/7 operations, rapid response and equipment and machinery availability.

- Protect your reputation -

Reduce risk around fatigue-related health issues or accidents and maintain compliance with Working Time regulations and rulings such as ‘travel to work’.

- Accurate planning & reporting -

Achieve simple and transparent planning, management and recording of all working time and variances such as holidays, absence and bank hours.

- Adapt to change -

Transition from five to seven day working rosters to meet the changing demands of an increasingly 24/7 society.

Demo WORKSuite®     Speak to a consultant

ROI Calculator

We’ve helped a wide range of organisations with field service and mobile workers:

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