Working Time Solutions’ approach to workforce planning and management helps e-commerce and Logistics businesses to deliver the productivity, efficiency and performance demanded by an increasingly competitive market.

In the margin-pressured world of e-commerce and logistics, the warehouse operation must deliver increasing efficiency and ever-lower cost per unit.

However, seasonality leads to major peaks and troughs in labour demand. Over-supply leads to profit-erosion, while under-supply leads to high overtime and agency staff costs, late deliveries, unhappy customers and low staff morale.

We help a wide range of organisations in the e-commerce and logistics sector to:

- Use data to build a detailed picture of demand variables -

- Accurately forecast hourly resourcing requirements for each day across the year -

- Create truly responsive resourcing with shifts patterns that maximise hour-to-hour performance and efficiency -

Flexibility and being an ‘employer of choice’ are essential if e-commerce and logistics businesses are to remain competitive in volatile conditions.

Demand-Led Rostering can help you effectively respond to change whilst supporting recruitment and retention efforts. The right patterns enhance work-life balance, broaden the demographics of your labour pool and provide the certainty, fairness and flexibility many people find attractive and a key differentiator.

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We also regularly see complex resourcing frameworks and disparate management systems in e-commerce and logistics that have developed over the years in response to changing demand and working practices.

Our approach ensures shift patterns and roster management systems are simple, flexible and remain fit for purpose.

This helps lower administrative overhead, reduces the risk of errors or compliance breaches and creates a single, secure, precise record of working time that integrates with other HR systems and supports decision making.

Our shift planning, scheduling and roster management tools will help you:

- Remove reliance on agency workers -

Avoid the effort, cost and risk of recruiting, training and managing a temporary ‘peak’ workforce.

- Hit target -

Minimise customer service issues created by labour undersupply and improve performance across productivity measures.

- Innovate -

Adopt systems such as annualised hours and banked hours that are responsive to demand volatility.

- Protect your reputation - 

Reduce risk around Working Time regulation breaches and fatigue-related health issues or accidents.

- Improve working conditions -

Ensure employees do not become overworked and demoralised which reduces productivity, creates higher employee turnover and harms your employer brand.

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We work with a wide range of e-commerce and logistics businesses, including:

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