Our approach to shift planning, rostering, employee scheduling and workforce management helps organisations operating in the Air Services and Transport sectors to design shift patterns, rosters and rotas that closely match seasonal peaks and troughs in demand.

Increasing passenger and cargo volumes are putting pressure on operators to deliver rapid growth whilst maintaining high levels of security, customer service and efficiency.

Air Services and Transport organisations naturally experience significant variability in demand across any given period.

It’s essential that shift patterns accurately match this demand profile to avoid underutilisation and provide the flex necessary to meet peaks.

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Our shift planning, rostering, employee scheduling and workforce management software and services will help you:

- Manage seasonality -

Overlay and analyse multiple data sources to anticipate fluctuations in labour demand including passenger numbers, demographics, load factors and vehicle type. Build a detailed map of demand across multiple interdependent teams to ensure requirements can be met efficiently and effectively.

- Deliver high service levels -

Ensure customer expectations are met and exceeded, even during peak season or unexpected spikes in demand.

- Augment existing systems -

Use software that allows you to plan, manage and monitor shift work activity over both the long-term and on-the-day.

- Realise massive savings in administration -

Harness streamlined rostering, scheduling and employee self-service systems.

- Reduce risk -

Minimise overworking and maintain compliance with working time regulations and shift work best practice.

- Reduce complexity -

Reduce the administrative burden of shift swaps and annual leave and absence management.

- Support recruitment & retention -

Change shift patterns to provide a work-life balance that helps attract and retain experienced and motivated workers.

- Optimise employee resources -

Create shift patterns, rosters and rotas which ensure the right number and profile of employees are available at the right time. This unlocks the capability to quickly flex up or down without relying on expensive overtime or temporary, inexperienced labour.

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We've worked with a wide range of customers in Air Services and Transport, including:

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