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Working Time Solutions provides shift planning and workforce management software, services and consultancy. It improves shift work through shift pattern design, rostering, employee scheduling and compliance with the working time directive.



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ARP and DOD...can the workforce respond to changing demand?


"If rolled out, many existing shift patterns may no longer effectively align labour supply with demand."

Brexit creates imperative to tackle productivity issues


"Brexit should be the catalyst needed to fully address some of the biggest drags on UK productivity and efficiency"

Remain or Leave?...Either way Working Time will change


"Working Time legislation remains dynamic, which adds additional challenges to strategic workforce planning"

Football fever is a real sickness - unauthorised leave expected to spike


"Software can play a central role in tackling the root causes and impact of absence, whether legitimate or otherwise."



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Shifting sands...Brexit's impact on workforce planning and management


We explore the questions Brexit poses around workforce productivity, flexibility and compliance

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