What's the ROI when you transform shift work?

Optimising shift planning, rostering and workforce management will save you time and money, whilst improving employee engagement and wellbeing.

We'll help you unlock the full potential of your workforce's contracted hours by planning, managing and monitoring efficient shift patterns, rosters and rotas.

Use the calculator below to understand the potential efficiencies you could generate and start building a compelling business case for changing shift patterns and implementing workforce management software today. 


How many shift workers do you have and what are their hours?
What is overtime used to cover?

What are agency workers / contractors used to cover?


How much are your shift workers paid?


What systems are used to plan, manage and monitor shift patterns/rotas/schedules?

How many of the systems above are used to manage and record :
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Your potential efficiencies

Using our specialist WORKSuite® software & working time consultancy we estimate that your organisation could generate the following efficiencies by reducing overtime, agency use, absence rates and workforce management administration.

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Warning - fatigue, well-being and Working Time Regulations compliance issues have been detected.

Are your shift workers at risk of fatigue or breaching working time regulations?

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