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Specialist cloud-based tools

Overcome the headache of multiple spreadsheets or limitations of existing systems by using software specifically designed to optimise shift-based working.

The product of over 30 years’ experience, WORKSuite® gives you access to a wealth of powerful shift pattern design, scheduling, roster management, compliance and analytics tools. It provides a single, secure and accurate database of all working time information that integrates seamlessly with other finance/HR/workforce management systems to feed them data in real time.

Design optimised shift patterns that support productivity & employee wellbeing


  • Cover graph provides visibility over labour demand & supply

  • Powerful algorithm finds optimal shifts based on your needs

  • Automated design creates multiple shift patterns in seconds

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Gain immediate visibility & control over all aspects of scheduling


  • Intelligent search to quickly identify, check & assign employees

  • Integrated database can store & recall infinite shift patterns or rotas

  • Scheduling tools to easily & accurately update rotas

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Make handling exceptions quick, easy & accurate:


  • Easy configuration to meet your specific needs

  • Automated processes to efficiently manage time & attendance, holidays, absences & shift swaps

  • Real time data and built-in checks to flag gaps, clashes & inconsistencies

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Empower your workforce with myTIME self-service:


  • Enable employees to check holiday availability, request time off & organise shift swaps

  • Communicate decisions & changes efficiently & effectively

  • Secure & accessible from employee’s own devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop)

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Maintain compliance with Working Time Regulations & other legislation or policies


  • Automatic generation of compliance warnings

  • Fail-safe mechanisms to stop potential breaches

  • A single, secure database of all working time information

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Make decisions based on live, accurate working time data


  • APIs seamlessly feed HR, T&A, Payroll & ERP systems with accurate data

  • Interactive dashboards provide instant access to key information, custom reports & statistics

  • Powerful analytics tools support workforce strategy & planning

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  • Shift Pattern Design
  • Rota Scheduling
  • Time & Absence Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Compliance Checks
  • Integration & Analytics

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Deliver cost savings
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Engage shift workers
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Improve productivity
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Maintain compliance
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Increase workforce flexibility
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Improve employee wellbeing
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Enhance service levels
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Recruitment and retention
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Streamline administration
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Make data-led decisions
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