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Specialist workforce optimisation services

Our experts can help you find the most efficient, effective and engaged way to manage your shift workers.

For over 30 years, Working Time Solutions’ unparalleled subject matter expertise has seen us help to create highly productive shift-based workforces for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

Our team has extensive experience in workforce optimisation strategies, shift pattern design, shift worker management systems and union engagement and employee communications.

This specialist knowledge is the foundation for a range of services.

So, whether it’s training on scheduling best practice, or implementing annualised hours and demand-led rostering systems, our experts can provide you with professional, dependable support.

Use WORKSuite®’s MyTime module to enable employees to make changes to their shift patterns and rosters through their own devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

  1. Give employees visibility over shift patterns, overtime, time banks and holiday availability

  2. Enable individuals within a team to request holidays or overtime/additional hours and to change and swap their shifts through shift bidding

  3. Communicate changes, notifications and updates to individuals or groups in real time via SMS, email or intranets/internal social networks

  4. Automated workflow makes checking and authorisation simple, quick and accurate

  5. Set parameters to ensure changes are compliant and maintain adequate cover (demand data, contracted hours, wider regulatory requirements etc)

  6. Tailor what requests employees can submit, data they can view and actions they can take

  7. Set permission levels for managers, supervisors and employees

  8. Rely on the system to maintain accurate, up-to-the-minute records by automatically updating the central database with authorised changes

WORKSuite®’s MyTime employee-self service module reduces your administrative burden and empowers shift workers to co-manage their shift patterns and rosters via the cloud.

The secure, intuitive interface is optimised for mobile devices. Provide your shift workers with a level of control that supports engagement, whilst also maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your working time data.

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