Data analysis and insight

Our experts will ensure your shift patterns and rotas remain optimised and aligned to changing demand and employee needs.

  1. Establish regular monitoring, reviews and fine-tuning of systems to anticipate and respond to change

  2. Regular compliance and best practice ‘health checks’ to keep up with changing regulations, policies and standards

  3. Sharing best practice in shift work planning and management through comprehensive training courses suitable for all levels of management

  4. Helpline support for consultancy, training or technical enquiries

Our data analysis and insight services will ensure you maintain a fully optimised workforce and continuously improve your approach to planning, management and monitoring.

Through knowledge transfer we’ll help you build the skills, understanding and capabilities in-house to maintain productivity and shift worker wellbeing over the long-term.

Use WORKSuite®’s powerful integration and data analytics to support decision making and other workforce systems.

  1. Real-time access and analysis of all key working time data

  2. Customise interactive dashboards to instantly view the information you need

  3. Seamlessly feed HR, T&A, Payroll and ERP systems with accurate, live working time data via API

  4. Easily generate working time reports and statistics at all levels (organisation-wide…right down to individuals), over any time period and for specific types of variance

  5. Harness accurate, detailed records for each employee stored in the personnel database

  6. Overlay data with HR/ERP systems to create a comprehensive picture

  7. Track key metrics (e.g. holidays taken and/or remaining, training, overtime, absence, reserve hours, time off in lieu) and use to inform workforce strategy, planning and management decisions

The integration, analytics and reporting tools in WORKSuite® ensure that essential management information can be harnessed quickly and easily via the cloud.

Use its insights to ensure your decisions relating to workforce optimisation and employee wellbeing are based on the intelligent analysis of accurate, current data.

Deliver cost savings
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Engage shift workers
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Improve productivity
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Maintain compliance
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Increase workforce flexibility
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Improve employee wellbeing
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Enhance service levels
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Recruitment and retention
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Streamline administration
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Make data-led decisions
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