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Now, more than ever, we're seeing huge appetite to modernise working practices in response to extreme financial pressures, ever-rising demand for services and wider workforce challenges.  
As the UK's leading authority on shift work, we're able to help generate a sustainable reduction in labour costs of over 15%, increase productivity by 55%, halve absence and waste and achieve 100% compliance with Working Time Regulations.

In this e-Book you will find information on: 
  • Achieving significant operational, financial and HR benefits through optimised workforce planning and management. 
  • Implementing a Demand-Led Rostering model that is responsive to volatility, reducing underutilisation and reliance on expensive overtime and agency.
  • Best practice considerations around shift pattern design, rota management and engaging your shift workers. 
  • Modernising your workforce management system so it better supports flexibility, efficiency and employee well-being. 
  • Tips for minimising fatigue and risk and maintaining compliance in a changing regulatory landscape. 

If you'd like to explore this topic in more detail, the e-book also contains details of how you can gain more valuable insight and engage directly with our expert consultants. Contact us here

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