In our experience, Ports see a level of demand volatility like few other industries.

This creates significant workforce challenges for businesses looking to meet customer requirements whilst balancing costs, employee well-being and uncertainty around the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Brexit and freeport proposals.

As the UK's leading authority on shift working, we are helping many ports and cargo businesses modernise resourcing models and adopt specialist workforce management technology.

 We've harnessed insight gained from our work in the sector to create a free e-book which is available to you immediately once you have filled in the form below.

 In it you will find valuable information and guidance on:                                                

  • Achieving significant operational, financial, HR and customer service benefits through optimised workforce planning and management
  • Implementing a Demand-Led Rostering model that is responsive to volatility, reducing under-utilisation and reliance on expensive overtime and third-party labour
  • Best practice considerations around shift pattern design, rota management and engaging your shift workers.
  • Modernising your workforce management system so it better supports flexibility, efficiency and employee well-being.
  • Tips for minimising fatigue and risk and maintaining compliance in a changing regulatory landscape.

Download our free e-book below entitled 'Transforming shift work in ports' to see how the effective planning, management and monitoring of shift work can be the key to overcoming many central challenges faced by ports and cargo businesses.

If you'd like to explore this topic in more detail, the e-book also contains details of how you can gain more valuable insight and engage directly with our expert consultants. Book here for a free 1-2-1 remote consultation.

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