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Early in the Cornonavirus (COVID-19) outbreak many major brands and third-party distribution providers rushed in shift working measures that were only ever intended as a ‘quick fix’.

As the situation continues to evolve, many of these solutions are unsustainable and significant changes to demand patterns are emerging.

A considered and agile approach to shift working will now be required to ensure employee well-being is protected whilst maintaining capacity, productivity and cost controls.

To help build understanding of shift working best practice in distribution, we’ve created a short e-book entitled Demanding times: Transforming shift work in distribution which can be downloaded here for free. 

It will help you understand how the planning, management and monitoring of shift work can be the key to overcoming many central challenges faced by the industry.

Balancing labour supply and demand in a volatile distribution environment can lead to:

  • A working environment that negatively impacts absence, recruitment and retention
  • Higher costs through inefficient use of overtime and agency staff
  • Skills dilution that reduces productivity and creates service issues
  • Huge amounts of working time administration (absence, overtime, pay, agency workers etc)

In Demanding times: Transforming shift work in distribution e-book you will find detail on: 

  •  Reducing day-to-day complexity around shift working. 
  •  Developing an optimised resourcing model that responds to demand volatility.  
  •  Shift pattern design and management best practice. 
  •  Minimising fatigue/risk to support compliance, well-being and absence prevention. 
  •  Enabling employee engagement and collaboration around shift work. 
  •  Creating popular shift patterns that support recruitment/retention and enhance employer brand.  

 The document outlines a range of tools and resources you can use to further develop your understanding of this specialist area of workforce planning and management.  

 If you’d like to explore this topic in more detail, the e-book also contains details of our resources, where you can gain more valuable insight and engage directly with expert consultants and peers in distribution.

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