A ticking time bomb?...The 'Top 10' Working Time risks

A ticking time bomb?...The 'Top 10' Working Time risks

Does your approach to managing shift workers put you at risk of punitive fines, lost business or reputational damage?

HR, compliance officers and business owners face a myriad of increasingly complex employment legislation, regulation and best practice.

The breadth and scale of the topics and issues can sometimes be overwhelming.

It’s therefore not surprising that working time can be overlooked as an area of workforce planning and management where risk needs to be mitigated.

The use of inadequate approaches, systems or software in the organisation of shift patterns, rosters and rotas, can leave an organisation exposed.

Threats come not just from breaching regulations, but also from responding slowly to legislative change or maintaining practices which have fallen out of favour with employees, advisory bodies or the media.

As we see it, the ‘top 10’ risks related to managing the hours people work are:

1.     Adherence to Working Time Regulations and legislation

2.     Regulatory change

3.     Health and safety issues

4.     Performance failure

5.     Data security and processing (GDPR)

6.     Payroll complexity

7.     Regulator & customer sanctions

8.     ‘Precarious’ employment practices

9.     Poor employee relations

10.  Evolving demographics

This white paper briefly explores:

The ‘Top 10’ legislative, regulatory, operational...

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