Healthy...happy...flexible - Using shift patterns to enhance employer brand

Healthy…happy…flexible - Using shift patterns to enhance employer brand

The battle for talent feels like it’s turning into a war of attrition.

Many industries face harmful skills shortages and nearly all organisations are having to deal with record employment levels whilst appealing to a millennial generation with very different aspirations and attitudes to work.

Throw into the mix uncertainty around Brexit, rising labour costs and increased political, media and union scrutiny of ways of working and it’s clear organisations are facing significant strategic workforce challenges.

This is driving a push for innovation and creativity across the HR spectrum. One area coming to the fore is the potential offered by modernisation and optimisation of working patterns.

Whilst pay and conditions remain key considerations for employees and candidates, evidence suggests that patterns of work are becoming an increasingly important factor in employer brand.

Organisations embracing a creative and flexible approach to organising Working Time are set to reap a range of benefits across recruitment, retention, wellbeing and productivity.

On the flip side, those maintaining legacy shift patterns and ineffective methods of roster management are likely to find it increasingly harder to compete. 

This white paper sets out to:

  • Help you understand how macro workforce trends relate to Working Time.
  • Provide guidance on how insight and technology can be used to create modernised working patterns that enhance employer brand.

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