Shifting sands...the workforce planning and management questions posed by Brexit

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created one of the most fluid and uncertain situations employers have ever experienced.

As the shock subsides and we all set about the business of preparing for a very different future, effective workforce planning and management is emerging as a key requirement in a post-referendum world.

It will play a vital role in ensuring organisations are prepared for Brexit and able to make the changes needed to maintain stability, effectiveness and growth.

This white paper sets out to:

● Briefly explore the potential challenges that Brexit will pose.

● Provide guidance on approaches that will support efficiency, productivity, flexibility and compliance.

Is your workforce flexible enough to manage Brexit effectively

Preparing for a bumpy ride:

No one knows for certain what the full impact of Brexit will be and what issues we may face over the coming months and years.

Whilst the UK economy was relatively healthy before the referendum, we are now in unchartered waters and experts remain divided over what challenges we are most likely to face.

Research conducted before the vote...

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