Smarter not harder...avoiding the trap of excessive working hours

It’s often accepted that if a member of staff wants to work more than their contracted hours to support busy periods then that is their choice. Why would an organisation challenge this?

To many it’s a clear ‘win-win’ situation - managers can hit their production or service targets and employees are rewarded for their hard work through overtime payments.

But this is a potentially negative mind-set that can lead to excessive working hours.

Overworking can reduce productivity, increase risk and compliance issues, damage employee relations and lead to cultural norms which ultimately harm the bottom line and reputation of an organisation.

This white paper sets out to:

• Identify common causes of excessive hours

• Evidence the impact of working long hours

• Provide guidance on how to tackle the issue of overworking

Optimised shift patterns can eliminate overtime

What leads to excessive hours? 

Every organisation is different, but in our experience there are some common themes which lead to employees working excessive hours...

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