Hard day's night ...permanent night shifts and the alternatives

Given the changing patterns of demand for goods and services across all sectors, more and more organisations are faced with the challenge of introducing new ways of working or amending the working hours or shift patterns worked by their employees.

One of the common debates when considering the most appropriate and effective work pattern is whether or not to utilise a permanent night shift.

Whilst permanent night shift working is still reasonably common and, in some instances, a very popular option with employees, organisations should give full consideration to the alternatives.

This white paper explores some of the arguments for and against these shift patterns and suggest potential alternatives. 

How do you improve workforce planning and management

What defines night shift working?:

‘Night’ is generally the period between 11.00 pm and 6.00 am. Whilst the exact definition of what a business defines as its night shift can be changed with mutual agreement between employee and employer a “night” must still be...

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