Mind your step...managing your workforce during adverse weather

The recent trend of severe winters in the UK seems unlikely to abate and as winter approaches, the prospect of adverse weather returns. 

It is recognised that severe weather conditions, such as snow, extreme winds or flooding, may occasionally make it problematic for employees to travel to work.

This can have a catastrophic effect on organisations and it is often the case that insufficient provision and planning is put in place to ensure that the business’ most valuable asset, its workforce, is catered for effectively. 

However, if sufficient consideration is given to the management of the workforce, bad weather does not have to signal disaster for organisations. 

Effective absence management and flexible working schedules can help maintain staff productivity and reduce incurred costs to the organisation.

This white paper seeks to provide organisations with some useful tips and guidance on best practice and innovative solutions to minimise disruption to organisation’s workforce and productivity levels in the event of adverse weather.

Optimised shift patterns are essential during adverse weather

The Impact

The potential impact of adverse weather on organisations can be split into two categories.

Firstly, recent statistics show...

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