The great debate...8 Vs 12 hour shift patterns

Many and varied opinions are held around the eight Vs twelve hour shift debate. 

These two most commonly worked shift lengths bring with them a number of advantages and disadvantages depending on the scenario. 

This white paper looks at the 8s Vs12s debate from an objective viewpoint, helping define the best solution for your organisation.

We consider best practice, the implications of the UK Working Time Directive and provide a sample rota with related calculations. To summarise, we outline the steps required for a successful shiftpattern transition.

Effective management of shift patterns is key to Annualised Hours

Longer Shifts – the Pros and Cons:    

Many factors come into play when deciding on a shift pattern. The below list is not exhaustive, but touches on some key arguments behind the 8s versus 12s discussion.

  • Shift extension: The UK Working Time Directive stipulates a minimum 11-hour difference between shifts. Theoretically, shift extensions on a 12-hour shift are limited to 13 hours – this is before any compensatory....

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