Download your free e-book: Transforming shift work in manufacturing

Read our free e-book where we help manufacturers modernise resourcing models given demand volatility and economic pressures, skills shortages, automation and macro issues such as C...

Download your free e-book: Transforming shift work in ports

Read our free e-Book and see how we can help many ports and cargo businesses modernise their resourcing models and adopt specialist workforce management technology.

Demanding times: Transforming shift work in distribution

Our e-book has been written for distribution businesses. It will help you understand how the planning, management and monitoring of shift work can be the key to overcoming many cen...

A ticking time bomb?...The 'top 10' Working Time risks

Does your approach to managing shift workers put you at risk of punitive fines, lost business or reputational damage?

Workforce optimisation...plugging technology gaps in an airport environment

As passenger numbers increase, airports face significant challenges in ensuring that they have the right amount of staff in place at all times

Healthy…happy…flexible - Using shift patterns to enhance employer brand

The battle for talent feels like it’s turning into a war of attrition

Mind the gap - Overcoming Working Time shortfalls in T&A / ERP systems

Identify where the principal Working Time-related gaps may be in T&A/ERP systems and the common issues this creates

Shifting sands...Brexit's impact on workforce planning and management

We explore the questions Brexit poses around workforce productivity, flexibility and compliance

Smarter not harder...avoiding the trap of excessive working hours

Identify common causes of excessive hours, evidence the impact and look at how to tackle overworking

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