Many organisations have been challenged to find new ways of working recently.

In turn, WTS has adapted its approach to supporting client workforce planning and management needs and would like to share some of the insight from organisations we've helped over the past 12 months. 

Join our webinar Future of Shift Work: 'Best practice and shared learnings from the last 12 months' on the 20th April at 14:00.

During this 40 minute session we will explore the workforce challenges faced by organisations as they look to effectively transition to a post-COVID world in the face of continued uncertainty.

Based on our expertise of shift working operations across industry and the public sector, we will focus on key shift planning and workforce management learnings including: 

  • Building resilience - How to balance employee health and well-being requirements with the need to remain flexible and ensure adequate cover. 

  • Resource availability - How to deal with losing a substantial part of the workforce through self-isolation or illness.

  • Volatile demand - How to meet increased surging demand or on the flipside falling demand.

  • Looking forward - How to ensure shift planning helps you anticipate, adapt and thrive in times of change.

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