Move into the Future of Shift Work

As the leading authority on shift work, Working Time Solutions has 30 years’ experience optimising shift planning and workforce management across a diverse range of industries.

Over this time, we've seen significant evolution, but the pace of change is accelerating.  

As shift work is fundamental to productivity and delivery, maintaining legacy approaches and systems is a growing threat.

It’s why we’re keen to share experience, learnings and best practice from across our diverse public and private sector customer base.

Our Future of Shift Work series is designed to share the new approaches and innovations that will be key to success over the coming years.

It will include a range of insight and events spanning key areas of workforce strategy, planning and management, including:

Shift work productivity


Addressing inefficient resourcing approaches that hinder competitiveness, slow growth and create funding challenges.

Shift work technology


Harnessing the power of cloud software, data, automation and connected devices to improve the planning, management and monitoring of shift work.

Shift work flexibility


Creating more responsive resourcing models that quickly adapt to changes in demand and workforce factors.

Shift work wellbeing

Employee well-being 

Engaging employees to create working conditions that support health and happiness, and which boost efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

Shift Work legislation and compliance

Legislative change

Understanding changing regulations and how to maintain compliance.

Please explore this area of our site…new insight and events will be added regularly.

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