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Calculate the benefits of optimising shift work

Optimised shift planning, rostering and workforce management can deliver significant benefits for food and drink manufacturers.

We have a long track record of helping deliver substantial and sustainable benefits across performance, productivity and recruitment/retention.

These include:

Save money through shift work

-15% Labour Costs

Reduce overtime, agency use and recruitment fees

Improve productivity through shift work

+55% Productivity & Efficiency

Maximise resources, boost output and improve service

Support employee health, work-life balance and morale

-50% Absence

Support employee health, work-life balance and morale

Reduce waste through shift work

-50% Waste

Automate processes, minimise admin and avoid errors

Working Time Regulation Compliance

100% Working Time Compliance

Gain visibility, strengthen governance and avoid fines

We encourage FDF members to use our benefits calculator to find out more about the potential efficiencies you could generate.

It will help you build a compelling business case for changing shift patterns and implementing workforce management software.

Calculate here

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Steven Firth, Working Time Solutions

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