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Utilities Workforce Optimisation Seminar: Sharing innovations in Demand-Led Rostering

Date: 28th June
Location: Manchester

Utilities companies face significant strategic workforce challenges created by uncertainty around Brexit, rising labour costs and increased regulatory pressure around pricing and customer service. 

An agile and responsive approach to workforce planning and management is vital if shift patterns and rotas are to remain optimised and aligned to both demand and employee needs.

The event will explore innovative shift patterns and working time arrangements. It will be highly valuable for anyone looking to:

  • Improve customer service through a more responsive and efficient workforce.
  • Understand how improved ways of working can tackle the threat posed by skills shortages and help attract ‘generation Y’ employees into the workforce.
  • Boost productivity with rosters that ensure the workforce can be flexed at times of high demand and wasteful over-staffing does not occur during quieter periods.

Attendees at the Utilities Workforce Optimisation Seminar will benefit from a series of highly informative and engaging sessions, including:

  • Welcome & introduction: ‘Piecing together the puzzle’ 
We’ll set the scene for the day and examine how new working patterns will help tackle common challenges you may be facing. Key themes include maintaining compliance, meeting increased regulatory pressure around pricing/customer service and overcoming recruitment and retention challenges.  
  • Insight session: ‘Working time fundamentals’
This will provide you with an overview of the calculations and principles associated with designing, implementing and managing efficient shift patterns and rosters. It will focus on analysing supply/demand, pattern design options/considerations and working time change project methodology.

  • Case study: United Utilities

An overview of a number of successful shift reviews United Utilities have conducted to drive improvements in Network Maintenance and Water Network workforce activity. The projects used robust data modelling to support Demand-Led Rostering and demonstrate the importance of collaborating and engaging with stakeholders throughout the business, including trade union representatives. 

  • Interactive exercise: Shift pattern planning & design 
A practical session that will help you better understand shift pattern planning and how technology can be used to support the design process.
  • Insight session: Communications & engagement
Effective communications and engagement are key to delivering change. Experts will explore how you can secure participation and buy-in for the process, whilst mitigating risk and encouraging a change-ready mindset. 
  • Insight session: Optimising working time systems - “the art of the possible”
We'll detail a range of shift design principles, shift patterns and ways of working that have delivered significant benefits in the utilities sector.

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