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Emergency Services Roster Review Seminar: Sharing best practice across emergency services

Date: 27th June
Location: Manchester

In the current climate, designing and managing dynamic and responsive rosters is a key strategic consideration for all emergency services organisations. Ever-changing demand profiles means that large-scale roster reviews are becoming less relevant and increasingly unlikely to deliver sustained benefits. 

Our experience proves that Demand-Led Rostering is the optimal long-term solution.

Implemented and maintained using the right expertise, technology and approach to employee engagement, it provides a flexible resourcing framework.

This approach is designed to respond to change in the most efficient, effective and equitable way - ensuring the service and its employees’ interests remain aligned.

The Roster Review Seminar will provide deep insight and a valuable platform for those Emergency Service organisations considering Demand-Led Rostering now or in the future.

It will be an opportunity to engage directly with peers and experts around best practice approaches and hear engaging case studies on real world implementations from organisations that have undergone successful roster reviews.

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