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We are pleased to announce our webinar schedule for the next few months.                                                                       

Webinar for all sectors
Working Time Optimisation - an introduction
TBC (July)

In this webinar, Working Time Solutions will outline the fundamentals of Working Time Optimisation and explore concepts such as Demand-Led Rostering, Annualised Hours and Lean Employee Resourcing®

Many employers face significant strategic workforce challenges including uncertainty around Brexit, rising labour costs and increased political, media and union scrutiny of working practices. An agile and responsive approach to workforce planning and management is vital if organisations are to ensure shift patterns and rotas remain optimised and aligned to both demand and employee needs. 

This webinar will ensure you gain a solid grounding in this increasingly important area of resourcing. 

Key discussion points will include:  

• Labour demand and supply considerations 
• Different approaches to workforce planning 
• Initial ideas around roster design and example shift patterns 

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