Personnel Today - Helping HR professionals plan safe working during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There is increasing pressure on HR professionals to deliver a safe and effective return to work for their employees as Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown restrictions across the UK are being lifted. 

This requires a huge number of factors to be taken into consideration, including introducing or changing shift patterns, rotas and rosters. 

The Government’s ‘Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)' guidance emphasised the importance of shift patterns and ensuring staggered start times and breaks.  

However, many HR professionals we’ve spoken to were disappointed that there was little detail that would support them as they look to tailor solutions for their own organisations. 

So we provided a summary of shift pattern design best practice in an article published in Personnel Today, one of the leading titles for HR professionals.

You can read the full piece here

It covers: 

  • Supporting employee safety and well-being whilst managing volatile demand and maintaining capacity


  • Generating ideas for how to adapt working time based on detailed analysis of demand


  • Maintaining visibility over hours to ensure shift patterns, rotas and rosters provide a level of cover and capacity that is in line with changing demand


  • Keeping an open mind when designing shift patterns and considering areas such as extended operating windows, rostered holidays, scenario planning and contingency shift patterns 


  • The importance of engaging, communicating and co-designing solutions with employees to ensure shift patterns, rosters and rotas balance the requirements of the organisation with the needs and preferences of employees


  • How the ongoing monitoring and management of resourcing models will be required to ensure they remain effective, compliant and responsive to changing factors such as Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, demand and employee feedback.  

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