Listen to our own Rob Crossman on Radio 4’s    “You and Yours" Programme

Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions such as social distancing and staggered shift patterns, means thinking differently about conventional working time arrangements. The world of possibility is now open for organisations to adapt new ways of working and move away from what was the norm, only 4 months ago.

Rob explains in his interview with the BBC (available here: starting at 18 minutes 40 seconds) that organisations need to think about different options that are specific to organisation’s needs, avoiding more generic text book options (such as splitting employees into 2 groups working 3 days each).

He emphasises that shift patterns, rotas and rosters must be tailored to the specific demands of customers, the business and employees if they are to be effective. 

He also makes the point that, whilst we specialise in designing and managing shift patterns in manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, air services, the public sector and e-commerce, we are now seeing increased interest from retail, cafes, beauty and hair salons that are looking at how flexible shift working can help them survive. 

Rob explains that these and other organisations with high consumer demand are now considering “how to open their operating window and make more hours available to their customers.”

Listen here for full interview (starting at 18mins,40sec)

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