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Shift patterns play a vital role in protecting manufacturing jobs

According to a recent survey commissioned by Make UK and featured in the news here, the UK manufacturing industry has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with tens of thousands of workers forecast to be made redundant after a worse-than-expected decline in orders.

Whilst some redundancies may be inevitable given the scale of the crisis, it’s vital that manufacturers explore shift work planning options which could help mitigate some of the impact of lower demand and safeguard jobs..

By re-designing shift patterns to be more aligned to the new reality, businesses may be able to avoid excessive skills loss and the additional costs of both redundancy and re-recruitment. 

Ultimately if manufacturers implement more flexible resourcing models now, it will leave them better placed to adapt to uncertainty/volatility and support growth when it returns.

To do this you need to consider alignment of supply and demand, employee engagement and a flexible shift working model that adapts to changes in demand brought about by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Maximising productivity from contracted hours, removing unnecessary overtime and agency labour costs can deliver transformative efficiencies and save jobs.You can read how we helped Premier Foods achieve this using a demand-led rostering solution that delivered annualised savings of over £1million.

In summary the benefits of re-designing new shift patterns and retaining productivity are:

  • Better balancing of labour supply to demand to eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Re-deployment of the contracted hours of full-time employees to avoid overtime and agency costs
  • Protecting key skills which will be needed during the economic recovery
  • Employees feel more secure, have better visibility over their working patterns and maintain an appropriate work-life balance.

As the UK's leading authority on shift work we are already helping countless manufacturers adjust to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) both in terms of demand volatility and social distancing/hygiene restrictions.

 For more information and example shift patterns, read our recent blog entitled “Adapting shift patterns, rota's and rosters" 


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