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Coronavirus (COVID - 19)

In light of the uncertainty we all face around the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Working Time Solutions think it is important to update our customers and contacts regarding the steps we are taking to support the wellbeing of all stakeholders and maintain service levels during this challenging time.

If you would like to discuss anything in this update, please contact us on 0161 720 5050.

Business continuity:

  • Employee health: For the past two weeks we have been aiming to minimise risk by working closely with our employees to ensure the business follows best practice around hygiene and the identification of symptoms. This will continue as the situation develops and we will do everything possible to support our team during this period.
  • Remote capabilities: As an agile technology business we have invested in class-leading cloud infrastructure which removes any physical dependency we have on our Sevendale Office and ensures we can maintain all systems remotely and that all employees can conduct their roles from home with no impact on service levels.
  • Planning & communications: We’ve developed robust monitoring and action plans, policies and procedures to ensure we can react quickly to any change in circumstances or guidance from the authorities. Our customer services team will keep you appraised of any detail you need to be aware of during this rapidly evolving situation.


  • Integrity & maintenance: We anticipate there will be no disruption to the functioning of WORKSuite® or the self-service app myTIME. We are monitoring usage levels closely to ensure performance is maintained should there be increased loads generated by organisations making significant volumes of workforce management changes.
  • Implementation: We have plans in place to minimise the risk of disruption or delay for customers implementing WORKSuite® or myTIME. The system can be configured entirely remotely and the requirements gathering/user testing can be delivered using a combination of online tools including Microsoft 365 and Teams where screen sharing and live document collaboration are possible.


  • On-site meetings: Where possible all meetings will now be held using our conference call or Microsoft Teams facilities. This will remain under review and we will respond immediately to any government advice around social distancing.
  • Remote services: Our consultants are capable of delivering all work remotely. This includes project planning, working time assessments, demand data analysis, shift pattern design, working parties, union engagement, scenario planning and advisory work.  

We’ve been approached by a number of customers looking for guidance around workforce planning and management strategies to mitigate impact, increase flexibility and responsiveness and scenario plan for the next few months and beyond.

If there is anything we can do to support you during this unprecedented situation, please contact us.

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