Helping deliver a highly successful roster review

Implementing new rosters that meet changing demand and support patient care, performance and employee well-being.

Working Time Solutions helped South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) complete a highly successful trust-wide roster review of front-line emergency services.

Drawing on Working Time Solutions’ workforce planning and management expertise and software, SWASFT has ensured resources are better aligned to changes in demand created by the ‘Ambulance Response Programme’ (ARP).

Through collaboration between senior management, unions and employee groups, the project saw new shift patterns designed for ‘Double Crewed Ambulances’ (DCA) and ‘Fast Response Vehicles’ (FRV) across the entire trust.

By ensuring the right vehicle is in the right location, response times have been improved and there has been a 60% reduction in ‘job stacks’ at peak periods.

Alongside gains in performance, efficiency and patient care experience, efforts to support employee wellbeing have been significantly boosted by the roster review.

A more equitable use of relief planning has been established. As more crews are available to respond to emergency calls, utilisation rates while on shift have been reduced to more manageable levels, helping limit overworking and stress.

By delivering shift patterns aligned to the ARP demand, where overruns occur, they have been cut by an average of 25 minutes per shift, improving work-life balance through more predictable finish times. 

Early-stage analysis shows this reduction has the potential to generate significant savings within overrun budgets across SWASFT’s c.2,500 front-line employees.

Read the full case study to learn more about the challenges faced and how our Working Time optimisation methodology and WORKSuite® software is being used to ensure SWASFT’s rosters remain aligned to demand now and in the future.


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