Unilever-Designing efficient new shift patterns for this food manufactureUnilever cuts the mustard with new Colman's shift patterns

Colman’s of Norwich were over-reliant on overtime which resulted in long-hours working and high sickness levels. 

Working Time Solutions designed shift patterns that met seasonal peaks in demand and stated the hours to be worked over a year instead of each week, building in ‘reserve hours’ to meet unexpected peaks in demand.

Through implementing demand-led rostering, manufacturing efficiency increased by 30%, production waste was reduced by 50% and employee absence levels were halved.

Read our full case study to learn more about the challenges Colman’s of Norwich faced and how we used our workforce planning software to implement a highly effective demand-led rostering system.



Colman’s of Norwich is a long‐established, well‐respected manufacturer of mustard, sauces and condiments.  

Since the early nineties, a range of working-time measures have been introduced to move the company away from...

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