London_Ambulance_Service-Designing_new_shift_patterns_for_5_000_employeesDesigning new shift patterns for 5,000 employees

By rationalising rosters and ensuring they are closely aligned to demand, Ambulance Trusts can create significant cost savings by releasing thousands more hours from the same core workforce.

Using accurate demand data, expert insight and powerful specialist software Ambulance Trusts can design, implement and maintain demand-led crewing patterns that not only reduce private ambulance costs, but help tackle overworking and ensure high service standards are maintained.

We worked with London Ambulance Service on a project which implemented 200 new frontline rosters across 70 ambulance stations, releasing an additional 3,414 people hours.

Read our full case study to learn more about the challenges London Ambulance Service faced and how we used insight and scheduling software to implement highly effective demand-led crewing patterns.



In order for LAS to receive their full funding from commissioners, they needed to be able to demonstrate that they had a future proof process to meet the demands of the London area for front line healthcare. 

Part of the modernisation project incorporated new ways of working, based on demand led rostering which was...

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