L'Anson-Designing new seasonal shift patterns for this food manufacturer.24/7 shift patterns implemented for l'Anson

Working Time Solutions designed shift patterns for this animal feed manufacturer which ensured it could meet seasonal peaks in demand while reducing long-hours working and associated fatigue-related issues.

Through ensuring the right amount of resource was available at the time it was required, overtime levels were reduced and non-productive time during periods of low demand was minimised through redeploying these hours.

Read our full case study to learn more about how we conducted a detailed analysis of demand data to calculate resourcing needs and designed shift patterns that accurately cover variability in demand, ensure employees are fully utilised and reduce overworking.



Founded in 1900, I’Anson Bros Ltd is an independent family run business, manufacturing more than 150,000 tonnes a year of quality feed for farm and equine animals and ingredients for use in the pet food industry.  

The business compromises three main production areas...

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