Delivering public sector efficiencies whilst projecting jobs

After successfully working with many public sector organisations including Glasgow City Council, Maidstone Borough Council and Derby City Council, Working Time Solutions was approached by Chester West & Chester Council to help create efficiencies in its Waste Management and Street Scene department. 

Street Scene experienced shortfalls in cover at particular times of the day, the week and the year, with service provision unaligned to demand and employees working long hours. 

The service also had high overtime and agency costs. In order to identify budget savings and improve the current working arrangements, the organisation wanted to adopt Demand-Led Rostering.


By creating an accurate model of labour demand and supply, Chester West & Chester Council were able to forecast resourcing requirements each day across every week of the year. Rosters we then designed which optimise hour-to-hour staffing levels, eliminate under or over-provision and reduce the need for expensive temporary labour.

By eliminating temporary staffing requirements Chester West & Chester Council was able to achieve savings of around £500,000 (17 per cent of the department’s total budget) in the first 12 months...

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