Accolade Wines-Designing new seasonal shift patterns for its warehouseAccolade Wines introduce flexible working patterns

Employees were working the same shift pattern each week, regardless of how busy or quiet the distribution centre and bottling facility was. 

This imbalance in labour supply and demand led to the use of temporary labour and overtime during periods of high demand. 

Working Time Solutions conducted a detailed analysis of demand data to accurately calculate resourcing needs over any given period.

We used our Work Suite® software to create shift patterns that made effective use of full-time employees’ contracted hours removed reliance on agency staff and overtime to meet demand during peaks in demand. 

This resulted in a higher quality product through use of permanent staff only and enhanced the work-life balance of employees.

Read our full case study to learn more about the challenges Accolade Wines faced and how moving to a demand-led rostering approach ensured employees were fully utilised while at work.



Accolade Wines has more than 250 brands in approximately 150 countries with core markets in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

The business employs 9,500 people, within 60 production/distribution facilities, including...

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