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Overcoming Working Time shortfalls in T&A / ERP systems

Working Time optimisation projects can fail to achieve the desired benefits if crucial gaps in an organisation's T&A / ERP system are not identified and addressed

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Workforce Planning for an uncertain future

Whilst economic and political turmoil has always affected workforce planning and management, it feels like we’re living in exceptional times

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Taylor Report - A Missed Opportunity For Shift Workers

It’s long been our belief that the rapid rise of zero-hour contracts and agency working is because they provide a ‘lazy’ alternative to addressing outdated and inflexible resourcin...

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Holiday headaches...the hidden cost of annual leave

An effective Workforce Planning & Management system is your passport to success

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Annualised Hours - helping the Coastguard save money and protect the service

Designing new shift patterns to help this emergency service align labour provision with demand

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Sharing best practice at the Ambulance Trust Roster Review Forum

The Roster Review Forum explored how to create and manage dynamic and responsive rosters

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New CTO to roll out SaaS version of WORKSuite®

Paul Roberts joins Working Time Solutions as Chief Technology Officer to spearhead the ongoing development of our workforce planning and management software

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Zero to hero? - Delivering a ‘right to request’ fixed hours

The rumoured change to zero-hours contracts could see employees on zero-hours given the ‘right to request’ a move onto fixed-hours contracts

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Mind the Skills Gap: Modernising Shift Patterns in Utilities

The threat posed by skills shortages and an ageing workforce requires utility companies to explore ways of attracting the new talent whilst retaining experienced employees

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