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Zero to hero? - Delivering a ‘right to request’ fixed hours

The rumoured change to zero-hours contracts could see employees on zero-hours given the ‘right to request’ a move onto fixed-hours contracts

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Mind the Skills Gap: Modernising Shift Patterns in Utilities

The threat posed by skills shortages and an ageing workforce requires utility companies to explore ways of attracting the new talent whilst retaining experienced employees

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Managing the National Living Wage rise for shift workers

Modernising and maintaining optimised shift patterns could help offset labour cost increases and provide protection against costly legislation breaches

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10 signs you should consider Annualised Hours

Adopting Annualised Hours enables truly responsive Demand-Led Rostering systems to be created

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Helping Government address precarious employment & 'the future world of work'

Reducing reliance on 'precarious' forms of employment through Annualised Hours and Demand-Led Rostering systems

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