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Working Time Solutions has secured a multi-year SaaS contract with global medical technology company Siemens Healthineers

The deal will see us provide the latest cloud version of WORKSuite®, our advanced shift planning and workforce management software.

Siemens Healthineers will use the system’s online tools to efficiently schedule the shift patterns and rosters of 270 field and home-based customer service employees.

This highly-skilled mobile workforce of engineers operates seven days a week, installing servicing and maintaining medical diagnostic and imaging equipment at healthcare facilities across the UK.

Healthcare is increasingly becoming a seven-day operating environment. It’s essential that our business has the right people available at the right time to provide the highest service levels throughout the week.
"To achieve this we needed to invest in workforce management software that could cope with the complexities of managing a sizeable group of shift-working field operatives efficiently and accurately.
"In WORKSuite® we’ve chosen a specialist cloud system which supports an optimised approach to managing shift workers via mobile devices, in any location.”
Andy Barnett, Head of Customer Service Operations at Siemens Healthineers

WORKSuite® will ensure accurate allocation and management of personnel, deliver increased administrative efficiencies and support flexibility within the workforce.

In addition to the advanced shift planning, rostering, employee scheduling, absence management, working time compliance and analytics tools within the software, the contract will see Siemens Healthineers adopt the employee self-service module MyTIME.

This allows field engineers to request holidays, shift swaps, overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) via an app on their mobile. Staff will also be able to flag days when they are available for additional work and register ‘protected’ days off when they are not available for additional hours and don’t want to be rostered.

Shift planning, rostering and employee scheduling software for Siemens Healthineers

This is a fantastic SaaS contract with a highly innovative and successful healthcare business.
"The latest version of WORKSuite® will ensure that Siemens Healthineers can maintain real-time visibility over all worked and un-worked hours, streamline and automate time-consuming rota scheduling tasks and give employees more control over their work-life balance via a single, secure user-friendly system.
“Employers will recognise how time consuming, frustrating and risky it can be trying to manage shift patterns using spreadsheets or non-specialist systems. 
"We’ve made a significant investment to ensure our established suite of tools can be accessed via the cloud, making it quicker, easier and more cost effective to optimise shift working for the benefit of organisations and their employees.

 “COVID-19 has highlighted how important robust workforce planning and management systems are when responding to volatile demand, absence issues and rapidly changing circumstances.
“Customers also see WORKSuite®’s ability to improve flexibility, productivity and employee well-being as central to their post-pandemic recovery plans.”
Robert Crossman, Director of Working Time Solutions

We've made a multi-million pound investment over the last three years to develop a SaaS version of our established WORKSuite® technology. 

The software complements our range of specialist working time consultancy services that help employers create efficient, effective and engaged shift working environments.

Our diverse customer base spans a range of sectors including manufacturing, utilities, ambulance services, airports, e-commerce and industries that rely on mobile workforces.

For more information please contact: 

Kim Dennis | Head of Customer Accounts

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