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Food Manufacture article - Helping factory manager’s effectively plan shift working

As lockdown restrictions lift and the economic recovery tentatively gets under way, food manufacturers we’re speaking to are finding that the ‘temporary’ shift pattern solutions put in place to deal with the initial outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) are no longer fit for purpose. 

With continued demand volatility and uncertainty around government guidance and the economic fallout of the pandemic, regularly reviewing shift planning, rostering and employee scheduling will be key.  

The topic is explored in an article by Working Time Solutions’ Robert Crossman which was recently published in leading sectoral title Food Manufacture.

It covers:

  • Factoring social distancing and hygiene measures into workforce planning and management activity.
  • Scenario planning to create core and contingency shift patterns, rotas and rosters.
  • Ensuring working time regulation compliance and employee engagement is considered.


You can read the full piece here

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